Jacob’s Island

Jacob’s Island kicks off with the tuneful indie-pop groove of “Til I’m There” followed by the rock anthem “Aurelia,” which last year earned a presence on Canadian Mediabase Alternative Rock charts. The song muses on the fate of stars crushed beneath the weight of their fame. “On this record, I also delved into subject matter I didn’t think would emerge for another few records,” explains Kosub, referring to the emotive “Fifteen Summers” penned on the 10th anniversary of his mother’s death.

Track Listing

    1. Til I’m There (3:35)


    2. Aurelia (3:53)


    3. Fifteen Summers (5:30)


    4. House Arrest (4:04)


    5. Abused (4:44)


    6. In Front of the World (3:38)

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